A Happy Dog at Last… Meet Polly!

//A Happy Dog at Last… Meet Polly!

A Happy Dog at Last… Meet Polly!

From itchy, inactive and irritable to happy, healthy and huggable in a few days!!

“When I bought Polly, as a puppy, she was energetic and very playful. Soon after I bought her she developed dermatitis and would continually lick and scratch herself raw.

She would also constantly beg to be scratched and would rub herself against your foot just to relieve an itch.  She also started to smell a bit funny… like old biscuits.

We took Polly to the vets which resulted in a medicated shampoo which we had to wash her with every week or so in order to sooth raw areas. We assumed the dermatitis was a reaction to grass or pollen. We fed both her and our other dog completely natural biscuits.

The dermatitis got progressively worse over the years, even with the constant washes.

Polly’s personality changed, too. She became listless and irritated. She stopped wanting to play and was sometimes even ‘snappy’.

I researched online about the causes and treatments of skin problems to see if I could find a more effective treatment for Polly and read that food allergies could cause these reactions.  

I began to wonder if Polly had a food allergy so I took her to see Kinesiologist, Judith Paterson, to be tested. Jude quickly, and painlessly, identified that Polly was intolerant to wheat and corn. (Corn was one of the ingredients in the natural biscuits.)

We immediately changed her diet and Polly’s happy, sociable-self returned within days of the switch! A friend even remarked that she’d ‘never seen Polly with so much happy energy’.

The dermatitis disappeared within a week and a half and she hasn’t licked or scratched herself since. She no longer smells like old biscuits and is a much happier dog.  

Jude also explained that it was vitally important to treat her emotions, too, in order to release the tension from all the years of stress. It was easy to treat Polly with the personalised Flower Remedies, in fact she actually seemed to look forward to this part of the overall treatment!

Polly even wants to play with our other dog now and runs around just for the joy of living.

I’m so grateful to Jude for her help, it’s wonderful to have Polly happy again!”

Lauren Alexander

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