We can often feel we’re doing a great job at letting people know what we want from them – and this can then lead to all sorts of frustration.

As soon as somebody feels they are ‘under attack’ they will stop listening and then, as we then find out, no change is forthcoming!

If you are ready for a break-through in your communication with your loved ones, friends and workmates – this is a great opportunity.

As recent attendees have said,

“I gained more skills in making messages clearer and more accurate. I found that by having clearer and more accurate messages I lowered my frustration levels. I had found that being unable to communicate clearly, accurately and positively it had kept my frustration levels very high because I wasn’t able to get what I wanted / needed out of the situation.”  Karyn

“Judith, thanks so much for your Positive Communication workshop. It was truly excellent and was the perfect blend of learning, sharing, reflecting and experimentation. The Workbook and process steps are something I will continue to use. Your skills are both awesome and delightful! – Clare Feeney, The Sustainability Strategist