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Tired of feeling stressed to the max?
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The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs (BBC)

If you know people taking pharmaceutical drugs, these two BBC documentaries are vital to watch... (I think the second is even more amazing than the first.) Having been in the complementary health field for [...]

The Woman Who Went Horse Riding

I promise... this is magnificent. You don't need to have it translated. Mrs. Jacobs is 87 years old and would like to go horse riding just one more time. Hidden Desires is a special [...]

‘That Sugar Film’ trailer

'That Sugar Film' has opened millions of people's eyes! We are becoming more aware of the sugar content in the obvious foods and drinks such as sweets and soft-drinks but we are often completely [...]

The All Blacks Are Reducing Their Sugar

I'm thrilled to see the All Black's nutritional support team have made alterations to the AB's food intake and have REDUCED THEIR SUGAR INTAKE! Fantastic!!! We know it is healthier AND if they [...]

Aspartame… The Bitter Truth

I'm often disappointed that the dangers of artificial sweeteners, such as Aspartame, are still not being clearly understood by many people. I offer the 'I Reduced Sugar' programme to help people reduce their 'sweet [...]

Being Real

Do you still have a favourite toy that you have kept from childhood? This is ‘Big Teddy’ and he has been in my life forever… As you can see he has been loved so [...]

How Do You Dance?

How do you 'dance' when 'situations' arise? As we journey through life you can bet your bottom dollar it's never going to be smooth all the time. In fact - if it was we'd [...]

Who’ll Lift Your Bottom End?

'When did you need somebody to lift you up 'by your bottom' and place you in a safe place? Was the last time when you were very young, or was it more recently? I [...]

What Will YOU Say at the End?

I watched a very interesting video last week and it got me thinking… Deeply…. There are so many ways to live a life and we all have variations on a theme. This video [...]

George Left the House!

(Originally written in July 2015 and updated Dec 2017) The moment I was told I needed an operation to remove my cancerous lump, ‘George’, (apologies to any Georges out there) I immediately said [...]

Headaches? Neck, or Shoulder, Pain?

I often have clients arrive with headaches, neck or shoulder pain, and maybe even tingling down their arms. With my sports therapy hat on, my immediate thought is to address the possible cause [...]