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I Need Some Guidance

There are many directions by which we can approach present concerns 

Using a variety of treatment modalities I will help guide you on your journey.


The human body is rather like a living computer. It knows the condition of every organ, every muscle and every cell within it.

By gently testing specific muscles, we can find imbalances throughout the body and, more importantly, identify an appropriate correction.

My clients value my ability as a ‘translator’ – I’m able to allow them to understand and ‘hear’ what their body is wanting to tell them.  Find out more >>>

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Work Smarter

Very often, if we are not vigilant and aware of what is going on in our life, and how situations are affecting us, these times can manifest as highly stressful episodes.  Are you aware that 80% of our stress hormones are found in our gut?

If we put off facing up to these ‘hiccuppy’ moments they can quickly lead to a number of health issues, along with the inability to cope with your life, your business, and lead to a sense of total overwhelm!  Find out more >>>

Reduce Stress

I use a combination of both Bach Flowers and the Australian Bush Flowers. The personally selected essences are then combined so they work together to address stress and ‘unhelpful’ emotions.

This has been a very powerful way to seemingly shift issues that have been ‘hanging around’, sometimes for many years in the form of cellular memories. (This is actually my most favourite part of the whole session as I see such huge results.)  Find out more >>>

Power of The Mind

I have been involved in helping facilitate Robin Banks’ Mind Power events (training from John Kehoe’s, ‘Mind Power in the 21st Century’) in New Zealand since early 2012 and have witnessed many amazing results when these techniques are used.

By implementing these, and other, techniques it has allowed so many people to achieve things they would never even have imagined they could, before using these great tools.  Find out more >>>

Food Intolerances and Nutrition

Certain foods which, on the surface, sound great for us can often trigger digestive issues that can lead to bloating, inflammation, IBS symptoms, digestive pain, skin issues, insomnia or tiredness.

Determining which foods are the ‘culprits’ can be an eye-opening, and life-changing, experience for many people. There is a distinct difference between food intolerances and food allergies!  Find out more >>>

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“I cannot recommend Judith highly enough. She was spot on with my food intolerances and testing. I noticed huge changes in my energy levels immediately but the main one was the change in my emotions – they have evened out considerably – say goodbye to PMS! I always come away feeling positive and focused. Get off those diet and emotional roller coasters and go and see Judith and get “sorted out” – I promise you won’t regret it.”