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Kinesiology – Testing & Treatment

We really are more than who we see in the mirror!

The human body is rather like a living computer. It knows the condition of every organ, every muscle and every cell within it.

In the mid 1960s Dr George Goodheart, a USA Chiropractor, discovered that messages from the brain to the muscles can be ‘short circuited’ by any number of stresses, including food intolerances, hormones, emotions, and chemicals, leading to physical ailments.

By gently testing specific muscles, he realised he could find imbalances throughout the body and, more importantly, identify an appropriate correction.

Over the years, many studies and developments have been carried out, and a number of books now explore the benefits of muscle testing, which has brought a greater understanding of the principles behind Kinesiology.

My clients value my ability as a ‘translator’ – I’m able to allow them to understand and ‘hear’ what their body is wanting to tell them.

“I’ve seen Jude many times and am still amazed at how she can extract the answers from your body through kinesiology and other testing methods.  Jude is so grounded and practical, and I will continue to see her for the answers I need!”

  • Through using Kinesiology techniques we’re able to tap into the body’s inner intelligence and cellular memory.

  • By increasing our use of our intuition, or ‘gut instinct’, we find it’s so much easier to live our life day to day in a more positively balanced manner.

By balancing each of the body’s four systems – the electrical, emotional, chemical and physical (as well as the chakras) we can help the body to do the best it can to help you feel fantastic!!

Classical Kinesiology is particularly suitable for all sorts of ‘hiccups’ in a person’s health and wellbeing. I use a variety of techniques described on other pages.

If you’ve suffered for years from symptoms, without really knowing the cause, Kinesiology may well be able to help your body make quick, positive, changes and help you feel brilliant – maybe for the first time in years!

The Treatment Itself

A kinesiology session is relaxing and enjoyable. As we’re talking in a very personal and subtle way to the body, there isn’t the need to ‘bare one’s soul’ mentally or verbally. (For those people who dislike talking about the issues that are causing stress in their life… they can RELAX… they need not talk at all during the treatment if they don’t wish to.)


1. Who can benefit from Kinesiology 2017-08-05T09:02:35+00:00

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy and I work in conjunction with the client’s medical professionals; balancing the body’s energies in order to activate the body’s own natural balancing abilities.

Kinesiology treatments have been known to support the body when symptoms such as the following are present:

2. How many sessions will be needed 2017-08-05T09:02:45+00:00

My aim is to see the client ‘up and running’ and self-managing as soon as possible – frequently after only 2 or 3 sessions. Ongoing ‘maintenance’ sessions can then scheduled to suit the client’s requirements.

Using ‘muscle testing’ we can immediately find imbalances within the body and, more importantly, identify the cause of your stress – it may NOT be what you thought it was!

Your body knows the answers – we can ask your subconscious what it needs.

“Muscle testing is like training wheels for your intuition.” – Dr Bradley Nelson

3. Will I need to buy lots of supplements 2017-08-05T09:02:56+00:00

It frequently seems that, by balancing your electrical, emotional and physical systems and your chakras (think of these as data bases or library catalogues), then you may not need many, or any, supplements.

Taking the wrong supplement, or more than is required, may place your body under as much stress than if you weren’t taking any supplements at all. As your body is always wanting to be ‘in balance’ it would have to work extra hard to rid itself of any unwanted supplements.

4. Why use Kinesiology? 2017-08-05T09:03:02+00:00

Kinesiology removes the guesswork… Let’s find out what’s holding you back from achieving the life you want, easily and quickly with this non-invasive therapy.

A Kinesiology treatment saves you time and money… Your body chooses the specific treatment it needs rather than what your friends think it needs!(How many hundreds of dollars of half finished bottles of various supplements are in your cupboard?)

5. Will I be keeping my clothes on? 2017-08-05T09:03:07+00:00

The client is always fully clothed during treatment and most likely to be treated while lying on a treatment couch. Changes in muscle reaction will be tested in response to gentle pressure on an arm, or other limbs.

6. How long are the sessions? 2017-08-05T09:03:18+00:00

During the initial 90 minute consultation, I will assess the information you have provided in the in-depth Health Screening Record. This determines exactly WHY you have sought support, and then we lead straight into a treatment session.

This initial session may be viewed as a ‘WOF’, assessing the balance of the body systems, and establishing how any imbalances are affecting the system’s performance. ‘Speaking’ to your body in this way allows it to do its own balancing and take the first steps towards better health.

At any follow up session (usually 60minutes) your progress will be checked against the original findings, with the aim being to address the causes of the dis-ease, rather than just the symptoms. The emphasis is on energy balancing techniques to help ensure great emotional and physical wellbeing.

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